Director / Principal

Dr. Rajani Yadav

I have completed 20 years in G.D.P.S. educational institution either related directly or indirectly. The responsibility of society is as golden opportunity to live & serve between childhood & life of the students was felt pleasant.

In educational competition , sports , science . cultural activities , the shining Stars of G.D.P.S. are shining like a life given sun. It is the tradition of G.D.P.S. to give good a noble , army officers, great administrators successful businessman , engineers , Doctors etc.

We believe to make science as the base of life to construct the society. G.D.P.S. related to it with NCSC in 2005 & represented to Brijanchal at the national level in 2006 in Orissa , 2007 in Varanasi(Pune), 2008 Deemapur(Nagaland), 2009-Ahmedabad. And a great success for Gyan Deep that we was the host team of NCSC (State level) for the year 2010. It was the very first time when any school was organised such event. In year 2010, three of our teams has been selected for National level in Chennai. The last two years i.e. 2010 and 2011 brings new dimensions for NCSC as this year (Current Year) 2 teams are selected for National Level in Jaipur (Rajasthan).

It has related to itself with land & science equally. Not only the child scientist but the whole teacher staff & the G.D.P.S. have taken the oath to make the G.D.P.S. less with scientific process for this the G.D.P.S. family is highly obliged to Mr. Ratnesh Kulshreshtha, Firozabad co-ordinator of NCSC who with Mr. S.K. Singh , co-ordinator of U.P. has given the esteemed responsibility to the G.D.P.S. family to organize the state Level program of NCSC & has given the soil & smell of U.P. to this G.D.P.S. garden. He has given the honour to dedicated such child scientist to country who will save this earth from the fear of globalization so that the creativity of good in form of humans may not disappear from this beautiful nature.

This huge & Bhagirathi effort of NCSC will again save this earth because we will make ready such brilliant child scientist who will not pay attention to competition but to make their all efforts to save the land of saints & the knowledge of science given by the Vedas & the purchase Upnishad . They will also be able to maintain the nature wealth that is gifted by god. Where every creature smallest to biggest , insects to lion, snakes, dancing peacocks the sacrificed mothers, Gaumata , elephants, etc. all the things that our next generations need may live a happy & prosperous life with nature. We have to give the noble thoughts to our children to make every part of land pure even though she is a woman because a healthy woman will be able to give birth to a healthy child to save our all nature and human resources as our earth has a lot of diversity.

The G.D.P.S. is very fortunate that in the guidance of two scholars Mr. Radheshyam ji & Mrs. Shanti Devi, it came in existence in this Brij Bhumi. The dutifulness of these two has been giving the values & culture to the G.D.P.S. to strengthen the society & I, Rajni Yadav , the daughter of these two, am trying to take the energy to all, learn from the mistakes, and I wish that I can do something for the motherland. I with the oath to do something or a little for this land, my mother and when my end comes nears I have no debts of generation, and with all love, respect I dedicated myself for my land.

May god have love, scholars, noble deeds, values, culture& nature on this land.